Cemetery Vases

We supply stainless steel cemetery vases with or without inscription.

Durable and suitable

Made from durable stainless steel to withstand exterior elements, our vases are available individually or in bulk orders. Suitable for all Council Cemeteries, stainless steel cemetery vases are the best option to keep flowers in water and treasured memorial sites tidy.


The vase dimensions are 23cm long x 6cm diameter. The spike is 20cm long to give maximum stability in the ground.

Vase inscription service

We also provide an inscription service so you can have the vase customised to suit the memorial. A personalised vase ensures your cemetery vase remains at the location you intend it. For example, our standard inscription includes a name and cemetery lot number - so it belongs with the memorial.

Costs and postage Australia-wide

The cost for this is $35 which includes the vase and standard vase inscription. Postage is extra, and available. You can send us an email outlining your detailed personalised inscription for a quote to info@rdunnandsons.com.au